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The Pettinger family is currently undertaking a rezoning process for the Pacific Sands Beach Resort property. In order to guide the long-term future of the resort development, the current and future generations are taking proactive steps to define and realize an implementable vision. The family vision respects the values and strong community ties to the Tofino community and they look forward to relaying the Pettinger’s 37 years of residency, ownership and operation of the business into a viable and sustainable future.

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Key Rezoning Considerations

Pacific Sands Beach Resort wishes to actively engage, collaborate and connect residents and local government with the rezoning process and use a process of “informed involvement” to engage an inclusive cross-section of the Tofino community. The rezoning process will speak to: 1) the vision and needs of the family and 2) the values and concerns and desires, of the community at large. The Pettinger family approaches the consultation process with the intent of giving meaningful consideration of community wide opinions, ideas and concerns.

Some key rezoning considerations identified by the family include the following

  1. Sustainability and Smart Growth - 14MB PDF
  2. The Natural Environment - 14MB PDF
  3. Housing and Site Development - 14MB PDF
  4. Beach Access / Amenities - 14MB PDF

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What is Rezoning?

Zoning is one of the ways the District of Tofino regulates the density and use of land to ensure compatible land uses are located in appropriate areas and that the types of buildings or land uses on one property will not conflict with surrounding properties.

Each property in Tofino has a legal zoning classification that regulates the types of buildings and activities allowed on that property. These zones and regulations are contained in the Zoning Bylaw (see link below) and control such items as permitted uses, density, lot coverage, lot size, setbacks, building height, frontages, off-street parking, landscaping, as well as other requirements

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What is a Comprehensive Development Plan?

The Pettinger family intends to rezone the existing property and create a Comprehensive Development plan for the property to guide current and future generations in the long term resort development decisions.

What is a Comprehensive Development Plan?

A comprehensive development plan outlines the details of development phasing, land uses, pedestrian linkages, green space and building areas. It provides for a mix of uses and densities over typically larger sites to provide for an overall plan of the development. A CD area can often be more flexible than contemporary zoning as it may combine many land uses and densities, setback requirements, lot coverage and floor area ratios over an entire site rather than using separate “zones” to allow for various land uses. A CD zone is particularly useful for showing how a number of land uses will be integrated together and co-exist on the site. This particular CD area will include a master development agreement which will form part of the CD zone. The Master Development Agreement is development information that is enforced through a covenant on the property. This will allow for surety in agreements, land uses, densities and municipal requirements.

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Rezoning Timeline

Pacific Sands Timeline

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